Starcraft II

28 07 2010

Starcraft II

Starcraft II is an obsession already. There are like 3 different posts for this blog, a book review for another blog, a story and a section of my dissertation, all of which I’ve been working on in my head, but I’ve got the game now and it’s going to take a while to shake off the excitement of that before I can get everything else back into the queue. It’ll come, though!

Meanwhile, the nekkid night elf dancing in the cantina is funny. The rest of the game is really good, too. They really put a lot of work into making the player feel more involved than the original and that’s really saying something.

Also, interesting side-note: I played the original about 12 years ago here in Nashville and then moved away only to move back when they finally released the sequel. Okay, that wasn’t interesting for anyone but me, but there you have it. You should get this game and let me know if you do.