Antsy Blogging

1 09 2010

I’m nervous. I’m hoping to hear some good news soon on the whole day job front, but suspense and I just don’t get along. Update: Had some good news come this morning, but still suspenseful. At any rate, that’s why I didn’t do any writing yesterday and missed my normal blog post and had more absolutely insane dreams the night before. That might be why this post branches out into a gazillion different directions. I’m thinking about many, many things all at once.

What I did do was work out and finished two books I had been reading/listening to. I might write up a real review of the first one, World War Z by Max Brooks, at some time in the next day or three and put it on my book blog (which hasn’t been updated since November) in addition to posting it here. I know that’s a pretty redundant way of handling things and more of a lost cause already than this blog, but I like having it. The other one, Michael Chabon’s Manhood for Amateurs, is one I listened to the audiobook version, so it’ll get a mini-review at best, since I don’t like not having the print material itself handy to reference while I’m writing.

Side-note: I freakin’ love Overdrive. With Overdrive, I was able to download the whole audiobook, for free, from the Nashville Public Library, put it on my iPod and listen to it while I work out and at my desk. Overdrive is bonkers and awesome and great and good. My only complaint is that the selection isn’t always the greatest and I feel like I pick up something that looks just interesting as opposed to something I’m really dying to read, but generally, if I want to read something, I read it. Like with the eyes. And on paper (or Kindle, but mostly paper). So, really, it’s just something to listen to while I’m doing something else.

The new book I downloaded last night is John Meacham’s American Lion, a history of Andrew Jackson in the White House. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t really understand it myself, but I find it easier to listen to non-fiction than fiction. Fiction, I suppose, is where I get caught up in the language and I like having that right in front of me. Non-fiction, however, is easy to listen to because I feel like I’m constantly getting new information and there are logical connections between ideas to follow. It’s like TV but not nearly as superficial and much, much more edifying.

It’s also been a year since I’ve read anything in the area of American history, so I’m due. Having moved to Nashville, Jackson is a pretty obvious choice as well.

I also learned that the public library here has access to Interlibrary Loan, even through academic libraries. It’s more limited, but if one were to want to conduct “real” research, it can be done. And there, folks, is yet another great reason we need libraries. I mean, damn. Libraries rock my world.

Shifting gears, today, I also have to go work out some more then this afternoon I get to go to my daughter’s school and help with their cross-country training. They had their first meet last Sunday and everyone (save one kid who was knocked down pretty bad at the start of his race, poor guy) finished and had fun. It makes me happy to be involved like that and the kids are fun, though I will say that I’m not sure I could handle those kids all day, every day like the teachers do. Still, there’s an innocent, yet funny thing to that age group that makes it easy to appreciate the appeal of being a primary school teacher.

Then we’re off this weekend to visit my family, which is a pleasure we’re accustomed to only getting to do around Christmas, but now that we’re closer we will get to do it much more often.

So, that’s it. I’ll hopefully get a bit more writing done over the course of the day, but given how my mind is working, I’m not sure it’s going to be very high quality. Tie up a few loose ends, though, and I should be back up to speed.