30 12 2010

Came across this in the L.A. Times this morning: Quirk books is going to be publishing the Meowmorphosis, a mashup where Gregor Samsa is turned not into a cockroach, but into an adorable kitten.

I found the first several mashups coming out of the Quirk to be really inventive and fun ideas. There’s me proving that I’m not a total stick in the mud. But, honestly, it’s getting to the point that it’s just shtick, isn’t it? My wife recently read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which I somehow managed to score off the new fiction shelf at the library. She said it was pretty fun, a fast read, and entertaining and all very good things. I, myself, would’ve liked to have read it, but as I’ve mentioned about 43 times in the past few posts, I sort of fell off the reading wagon for a bit.

Anyway, I’m not sure the Meowmorphosis is really speaking to me. It’s clever, but I’m a little tired of clever being enough for a book idea. Clever is really trying to become a substitute for substance. It’s pastiche, but doesn’t create anything good. It’s too much play. Not saying books are all serious bidness, but if it’s all a gag, doesn’t that get old? I’ve got a book idea: War and Peace and Aliens. There. I’ll be looking for my book contract any day now.

This after my sister in law asked me this morning if I had any good book recommendations right now, which I don’t. It’s not the time for new books lately. The bestsellers on the NY Times Book Review are the same bestsellers they have been for weeks. Nothing’s creating a lot of news and hype. This is an opportunity, though, to reach back and read older stuff that might’ve been missed. Discover something new. Something more fun.

Side-note: I’m leaving to visit my parents today for the weekend and looking forward to seeing 2010 come to a close, so I probably won’t be blogging much (but who knows, I do have access to a computer, so it might happen). At any rate, 2010 has been just a real shit and I’m happy that it’s nearly over. So, wishing everyone a wonderfully Happy New Year and a great 2011.