Fitness Friday – Deadlifts

20 08 2010

I’ve really been enjoying my workouts a lot lately and I often dream about getting more in. It’s become quite the addiction. Sadly, I’ve not lost much weight because I also enjoy my beer in the evening, but I’m doing the best I can to cut down on that (which isn’t saying a whole lot. I do like my beer!).

One of the things I did yesterday, though, were deadlifts. I hadn’t done these in easily a year and, let me tell you, I’m feeling it now. I felt it getting out of bed and it all but killed my run this morning. But I still made it and I stuck to the routine and it felt really good to still get out the door.

One of the reasons I stay away from that move, is that I’m terrified of getting an injury, so I tend to play it extra careful. Deadlifts are notorious for injuring people who fail to use proper form when executing the move, so all of the warnings made me steer clear of them. Now that I’ve figured it out, though, it’s not too difficult and watching some of the “pros” at the gym has helped a lot. All it takes it a real solid mental focus on not rounding the back and thinking of moving knees and hips in the proper order and you’re good. And, really, it’s one of the best exercises you can do because it works so many different muscles.

And, like some kind of masochist, I enjoy feeling sore. To me, it’s not my body saying I did something wrong. It’s my body telling me I did something. I pushed myself. It really kills the stress to exert myself like that.

So, deadlifts go back in the rotation, at least twice a week.