Double Windsor

13 01 2011

One skill I think every guy should develop is the ability to tie a double windsor necktie. There is no better knot for a necktie, period. It is the knot of royalty, of the classiest of class, and is totally James Bond.

Back in my retail days, I had to wear one of these every day and even though I was fairly proficient at it, it still took me on average at least 3 tries to get the knot and the length just right. Having that perfect little indentation in the middle of the tie is everything. The last thing you want is to have one side tucked halfway around the back so the tie feels like it’s going to flip around on you all day long. And, of course, you can try and try to adjust it, but from my personal experience, whatever adjustments you make are largely wasted. By noon, the adjustments and quick fixes had long fallen out and you’re back to the sloppy tie.

Working in retail had its ups and downs and I had my fair share of bad days. I had developed a ritual around having the perfect tie, though. If I nailed the knot and length on the first try, I always took it as a good omen for the day. It was Fate’s way of telling me that the universe was on my side. This morning, despite being very out of practice with tying neckties since the last one I put on was in October, I nailed the knot and length right out of the gate. I’m hoping, then, that my old superstitions hold true.