Clearly not my week!

3 09 2010

It’s clearly not been my greatest week ever, with two missed posts and just a complete lack of any real productive activity. Here I am being very sorry for that.

Fortunately, the week with its ups and downs (more of the latter than the former) is at a close. This weekend sees me and the family driving home to the parents to spend a fun-filled Labor Day weekend with them out in the country. It’s long overdue.

I had good news on the job front, then it got hit with more bad news on the job front. Personally, I’d just like to go ahead and win the lottery now so I can be done worrying about it.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with much more edge of your seat blogging, of course. Meanwhile, I leave you with the final “oh, wow, look at that” news from the world of bookselling, as it came out at the beginning of the week that Barnes and Noble will be shuttering its Upper West Side store in Manhattan. There’s a considerable amount of Schadenfreude going around at that. People are remembering that B&N’s overdone presence resulted in so many independent booksellers being driven out of business. It was a central theme between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, after all. I also saw a few people say that they felt the death of the big chains might bring back independents. Man, if only. I’d love that. I don’t believe it for a second, though and I really want to be drinking what those guys are.

It also makes me wonder if the market ever really knows what’s for the best.That’s just my opinion, of course, but I do believe that the independent, small booksellers bring (brought) an experience to the world of books that if it isn’t completely dead already, it’s lying on the bed,  pushing the morphine crack button on its life support like crazy. It’s all nuts. Borders is going to sell teddy-bears, after all and it don’t get WTF-ier than that, folks.

So, expect the Kindle 3 to be the hottest gadget this Christmas. Hell, I even want one (n.b., we have a Kindle 2 and its nice, but not as nice). Hide and watch, because for anyone else out there paying attention, it’s pretty plain to see that Amazon is winning so much and so often, it’ll take something cataclysmic to stop them now.

Also, this is brilliant:

Every time I see something as awesome as that, I kick myself for not having thought of it. It just keeps getting better and better.

So, on that note, signing off for a few days. Have a nice weekend!