Krapfen Montag!

7 03 2011
Berliner (pastry)

Image via Wikipedia

I was happy to see that our local Publix grocery store is stocking Pączki, a jelly doughnut type concotion that is more or less the same thing as German Krapfen. Traditionally, Krapfen start rolling out the Thursday before Lent, but our Publix has had them a bit longer than that. Regardless, it’s a fun thing to teach the kids a bit about German traditions and food and also an excuse to enjoy something that I really shouldn’t be eating.

The story behind the pastries varies quite a bit. The central idea is that people would eat them in order to bulk up before all of the fasting and abstinence of the Lenten season and to use up all of their leftover eggs and sugar. These are also the same as the famous Berliner doughnut of J.F.K. fame.

At any rate, we’re going to enjoy a few of these this evening, as my daughter’s birthday falls on Fat Tuesday (tomorrow) this year and we’ll be celebrating that instead.




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