Welcome to Crashwords.Com

8 02 2011

So I broke down yesterday and bought myself a nice domain: Crashwords.com. This has also meant a re-titling of the site, and in many ways brings it closer to my original intent to focus on writing. Any similarity to Smashwords.com, the ebook self-publishing site, is purely coincidental.

Still, I liked the original title, Pew Pew Crash Crash, because my son cracks me up. He’s wild, he’s a force to be reckoned with, and he’s been very into superheroes and cars since he began speaking and everything was about pew pew, crash crash. In fact, he still comes up to me about daily asking if we can “crash on the bed,” which essentially means to wrestle and let me throw him about like a rag doll. He’s resilient, even if he’s completely mis-coded the word crash. Side note: my daughter mis-coded the word “soft” as a verb meaning “to pat” when she was about the same age. Funny how they’re different.

At any rate, I also reworked the “Who I am, Wer bin ich” page yesterday and I still need to refine it, but I thought it was good enough to put up there for now.

Anyway, let me know what you think!




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