Where did January go?

1 02 2011

I’ve misplaced a month. Has anyone seen it?

You know, for someone who started off the month and the new year with a couple posts about resolutions, fresh starts and plans, I failed to accomplish much during January. I’d like to attribute it to the multiple snow days and delays we had in the middle of the month, but that can’t account for all of it. For much of the month, I simply came off track and had a hard time getting back on. I did moderately good work for about 2 of the last 4 weeks, I’d say.

So, time to kick it back into gear. Since I have nothing planned for today, I’ll spend today planning for the rest of the week and set aside time to accomplish some modest goals. Anything beyond that’s just gravy, but nothing would help more than feeling like I’ve gotten something productive done.




2 responses

1 02 2011

Januarys are just like that, I think. I know mine was!

Here’s to fresh starts in February. 🙂

1 02 2011

I completely understand what you mean, I just thought the same today about this month;-)
But eleven more are in front of us to accomplish goals- so, here we go!

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