Hangin’ with Devin

20 01 2011
Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears

Image via Wikipedia

Just came across the announcement by Chicago Parent magazine that Bears wide receiver Devin Hester will begin writing a parenting column in their magazine starting in April. I find this fascinating, but should make for interesting reading. That is provided, of course, this doesn’t end up to be another athletic self-destruction in the public spotlight kind of thing. That is my worry. See how I worry? But, anyway, I know nothing of how Hester lives his off the field life aside from the fact that he has a 1 year old son.

Regardless, can’t be worse than an Amy Chua column, could it? (BTW, I don’t share the opinion that she’s abusive, just really stricter than necessary. I started writing something about my thoughts on it, but it’s going to take more to unpack than I thought.)

Also, I think the Packers are going to hand it to them on Sunday, so maybe he can get started writing sooner rather than later.




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