The Return to Normalcy

3 01 2011

As far as I’m concerned, today’s the first day of the New Year. We’re finally back from all of the family visits, and aside from my daughter being home from school today (she goes back tomorrow), the way things look today are about how they’ll look every weekday for until Spring Break. This is good. This is real good.

So, I’m beginning to formalize my resolutions and goals for the coming year now and so I dug up my word file where I had written down my 2010 goals. I honestly haven’t thought about them since last Spring, but I’m actually pretty amazed at how well I did. I had written down 21 different bullet points in 5 categories. Conservatively speaking, I managed to keep or achieve at least 12 of those, which is pretty surprising given the disaster that 2010 was for me on the large scale. I’m very glad I didn’t look until now. I think that gives me a real boost of confidence coming into this year.

I’ll take the week to come up with new ones for 2011, some of which I’ll share here. For instance, I know I want to become a better writer in 2011, so one of my goals is to get something sent off somewhere. It’s a small goal, but it’s also a first step to something greater. I also plan on reading more books in 2011 than I did in 2010. With the family and my spiritual life, I think I accomplished most everything, except that I’ll be revising it somewhat to renew our Saturday night family date/movie night again – that fell by the wayside after the move to Nashville and I’d like to have it back.

Fitness-wise, I’m going to keep doing what I have been as far as working out goes. I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in terms of conditioning and endurance. I’ve just also unfortunately put on about 17 pounds since October 2009, thus proving that diet means a lot more than exercise when it comes to body weight. . I had to look that up in an old Excel spreadsheet. Being an obsessive record keeper has its advantages and disadvantages.

This Christmas present I got will go a ways into catering to the obsession: My in-laws gave me a Fancy, Schmancy Tanita Scale with a Body Fat Monitor this year. It does all sorts of neat stuff like gives you your body water percentage. It’s kinda cool and it seems more accurate than the scale we were using before which would vary about 2 pounds if you took a short break between measurements to walk across the room. I asked for it (it was on my Amazon wishlist) and everyone remarked how for just about every one else they know, giving such a thing as a gift would be considered an insult. Not for me, though. I like my truth brutal and my kicks in the ass swift.

One more goal I’ll share: To shave every day. I did this one in 2010 and though I failed at it, I did shave more often and made more of a practice of doing those little things to make myself presentable. By shaving, I’m saying I’m putting my best foot forward towards making myself presentable to the outside world because I want to be involved with the outside world. I may not end up going anywhere with it, but

For now, though, it’s off to get the kids dressed and get some stuff done. Yay productivity!




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