Playing Catchup [Nanowrimo Update]

10 11 2010
Jerry Orbach

Detective Lenny Briscoe (played by Jerry Orbach) Image via Wikipedia

So, today is 10 days into NaNoWriMo and I’m struggling to get caught back up. In fact, I sort of stunned myself a little to look up and see that today is already Wednesday (and ashamed that I hadn’t come here to update).

It was hard getting a lot done this weekend, but I actually had a really good day. We were in Atlanta visiting family and instead of sitting there enjoying coffee on Saturday morning before heading to the Rock Ranch for kids, play and more birthday party good times with my son, I forced myself to get out of the house. I wouldn’t have been able to get anything done there – just too many distractions. Instead, I drove to a Starbucks (ugh) and sat there and wrote for a couple hours while everyone else got ready to go.

I’m really proud of myself for that because it’s pretty out of character for me to retreat from the scene like that. I still don’t have an exact word count for how well I did over the two days, but after typing it all in – I did it all handwritten in a spiral notebook because my laptop is teh suck – I wasn’t too far behind, it looked like and I did have a small lead built up coming into the weekend. Then Monday and Tuesday this week were bigger disasters than the weekend for some reason.

Well, actually, I know what that reason is. I was building up to hit my first major plot point, which I hit yesterday. I think an ordinary person would’ve gotten a boost out of that, but it stumbled me. I knew how to get there, but from there now it’s such a big deal in the story and it’s an overwhelming feeling of all the things I have to reveal (as I build up to the second major plot point which I should hit next week sometime). It’s just a lot. The exposition turned out easier than I predicted and the meat of the novel is turning out to be harder.

Today had a long dialogue and questioning between the main character and a detective about the disappearance of the second main character (the FMC’s daughter). It was a lot of fun to write and I really kind of got into the mode of thinking like a cop. I tried to channel Lenny from the old Law and Order. I hadn’t planned most of it and found that I could come up with plenty of good reasons to suspect just about everyone for the kidnapping (except for the person who actually did it, of course!). It was good stuff and came out very quickly. I find that I enjoy writing dialogue a lot more than I thought I would.




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10 11 2010

Yay dialog! And it can move the plot along, reveal things about characters, and provide a lively change from narrative–not to mention boost your word count.

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