NaNoWriMo Day 4 – Writing Music

4 11 2010

The day’s still early, but I’m wiped out. I overslept a little and procrastinated a lot and had to fight off a bit of a rotten mood, but I made my quota for the day. Actually, it was the fastest I’ve written and almost the most prolific: I got over 2,000 words in just a bit over an hour.

It doesn’t make much sense, but I’m going out on a limb and saying that I owe it to my buying the Battlestar Galactica: Season One soundtrack. I was struggling all day and felt like I needed some music in the background, but the usual eclectic mix of everything from Aerosmith to Lady Gaga to Nena to David Bowie that I listen to on my iTunes shuffle wasn’t going to cut it.

This actually did the trick and because my wife and I loved the series so much, it took me back and got me thinking about story (although what I’m writing isn’t science fiction). It just helped to have continuity between songs. A theme and an atmosphere in the room in between wrestling matches with my son, who’s turning 3 tomorrow (we’re very excited). The only downside was spending the money. I hate spending the money.

So, I’m ahead of schedule, though, which is good, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to get really derailed this weekend since we’re traveling. Because of that, however, there probably will be a catchup blog post on Monday to update how I do (or don’t do) over the weekend.

So say we all.




One response

4 11 2010

I love soundtracks – official ones, rather than bunches of songs – to write to. I can also recommend The Piano and Atonement – I have a bit of a piano ‘thing’, but they also vary in tempo a bit, which tends to get me going. Good choice with BSG though.

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