NaNoWriMo Day 2

2 11 2010
Red Hulk

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Today was a real struggle. I’m glad that I felt stressed out and crazy about meeting my writing goal, because I finally did get there this afternoon when I thought I might as well just hang it up on day two.

We went out to play trivia last night and had a really great time with some of friends, which was pleasant in itself since our social life is the lamest. So, there we were being all socialites in a smoky bar playing trivia. Good times.

This turned into an opportunity to oversleep this morning, so I missed my planned couple of quiet hours, then I had a job related errand to run and then back home to a crazy kid who wants to wrestle and pretend to be the Red Hulk while I’m supposed to be the Green Hulk. This wrestling match went on for at least an hour despite multiple injuries, one of which I’m sure just barely escaped being a full-blown concussion.

So, thinking that I could sit and scribble a line or two during this time was the definition of nutso.

I needed to clear my head, and I definitely needed to get the little monster out of the house for a bit, so we packed it up and went to the Y, where I did a 4 mile run and he turned into the most charming little boy and carried around a dolly for an hour. Red Hulk to master nurturer in less than 30 minutes.

The run helped more than anything else though. I hadn’t run that far in a few weeks and I’ve let myself slack too much. I think I scared the people in the nursery when I came back downstairs because I was completely red in the face. Get that man a Powerade, stat.

But, it really did clear my head and I thought out the section I intended to write today. Unfortunately, it turned out to only be enough to fill half of my quote and I had to come up with the rest on the fly.

Anyway, then lunch, then finally get the kid down for a nap. I started writing the bits I thought out and they took a different direction once I got them on paper and I was happier with it. But damn, it’s really a pain to write in the afternoon. It physically hurts almost. What comes so easy in the mornings is sheer torture in the afternoon. Especially when I’m tired and would much prefer to take a nap myself. So it sucked. A lot. I hated it.

On the upside, I think the writing was halfway decent with only a few parts that I find truly embarrassing and catastrophically bad. What was fun was I’m now into the background of my second main character, a seven year old girl loosely modeled on my daughter. That is, if my daughter were nuts and had this whole “I see dead people” vibe. It was a more fun section to read and it was really fun being in that brain for a little bit. What a weird girl she is. I totally dig it.

Today’s word count was almost exactly 1,800. Tonight, I shall sleep and write better. I have to be getting to the bad guy soon, but not tomorrow.




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