NaNoWriMo Day 1

1 11 2010

I was up and at ’em this morning, just like I hoped to be and then I started up MS Word and stared at the white screen. I had done some planning and I knew what I had to write, but I suddenly had this really bad feeling of not knowing exactly what to do.

It was the first line that was killing me. I read around the web some, opened the Kindle and checked some other novels I had lying around. Nothing spoke to me.

Then I think I nailed it. Here’s the first line:

“Going out for a run had the benefit of not costing much money, aside from the shoes which were purchased with the best of intentions in better times when everything in the world seemed possible and the fights were rare.”

Is it bad to feel a little proud of that one? Because I really like it and I’m sure that must mean it’s crap.

I also know I haven’t revealed much in the way of plot, but that’s because it’s only about 85% done and I’ve got some stickier bits later on that I’m not totally comfortable with yet. But it’s all the there and once I had that line, I was off in a flash.

Ended up with a bit over 1,800 words before everyone woke up and I had to stop. Plus, I’m feeling drained and not quite 100% up to par. Still, happy to say I’ve met my goal for the first day at least!




One response

1 11 2010

I remember my first line from last year’s novel–one I had crafted with such care, and of which I was immensely proud. It wasn’t crappy at all, but I eventually had to get rid of it, because it was part of a long L O N G intro that eventually had to be deleted (in February revisions). So I have it in a file, and occasionally I take it out to remind myself of what that first sentence did: it got me started! Just remember–no editing allowed. Just write and write and write.

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