So far on my watch…

7 10 2010

Nevermind that I successfully got one kid from infancy to school already and I’m halfway to school age on this one. This has been my week of fail parenting. Je suis le Faildad.

Monday, my first day back on the SAHD job, my son grabbed a pill lying on the counter which belonged to my father-in-law, who is on various medications for various ailments common to a person of his age. I learn about this from my son running up to me and telling me that he ate one of “Papaw’s gummies!” Oh crap. So, I track down the remnants of it and discover that it’s only a harmless Fish Oil capsule and we have a little talk about how we stay away from medicines because they can make you really sick. The rest of the day I spend mentally picturing my son being rushed to the E.R., his liver failing, the most horrific nightmarish scenarios a guy can imagine. That kind of thing.

Wednesday brought a confrontation with the in-laws’ dog, a 12 year old, 18 pound miniature schnauzer who is generally quite lovable, but does not really understand little kids well. At some point, the two were in the hallway together and he apparently tried to pet her, which she didn’t like and she bit his hand (not hard), but also scratched his face up with both claws. One set of claws didn’t really break the skin but left light marks across his right cheek, but with her right claw she narrowly missed his eye and left a small cut which caught on the skin and left a fairly deep gash about half a centimeter long. No doubt this was the result of her claws having been clipped the day before, but still, it’s a nasty cut and I cannot help but think how lucky we are she missed the eye. So he cries for a bit, naturally, but I get him calmed down, get it cleaned up and he’s a real trooper. To get that far, though, I had to resort to bribery. By the end of it, he had scored the following:

This morning, he looks a lot like he’d been punched in the face and the swelling hasn’t gone down yet. I thought there might be some infection there, but there’s no real sign of it, just light bruising and the beginnings of a nice shiner.

Yeah, so, guilt had NOTHING to do with these purchases at all. I am sucking this week, so I’ve got to figure out how to rebound and we’ve still got two days yet. What fresh hell awaits, I’m sure we’ll soon see, but I really can’t wait for the weekend to get here.




One response

7 10 2010

This confirms my suspicion that this week has sucked worldwide.

I don’t know if Max is old enough to appreciate this, but I once lived on Penny Lane in Liverpool – and if I go there any time soon, I’ll see if I can’t pick him up some Beatles-themed tourist paraphernalia. Maybe you can use that for kudos. Hang in there, though – my dad always maintains that the biggest surprise in his life is that he managed to get both me and my brother to adulthood in one piece.

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