It’s been that kind of week

6 10 2010

My son’s Beatles obsession continues to pick up steam and I’m proud of how he’s learned quite the repetoire of song titles that he enjoys. He’s also conflated the Beatles and the Wiggles and ranks them, often, in order of favorites: Paul, Sam Wiggle, Ringo, John. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

The unfortunate side effect is that I end up with songs stuck in my head all night long. Last night it was “Help!” and I found myself thinking over the lyrics and how they really do reflect where I am right now. It seemed that there was a long time there when I had a lot of people in my life and it was fun, but I didn’t need them quite as much. Now, however, since I’m alone a good part of the time, I really find that I need others even more for inspiration, guidance, feedback, camaraderie and sometimes even a little friendly competition. It’s hard to supplant all of that through discipline to a strictly made-up schedule, but this is the crisis of adulthood in a nutshell.

By the way, this is more random musing than call for help. On my initial read-through, it looked a little negative to me and I don’t mean it as such, but I didn’t see how to edit it around and still get the point. It’s more in the line of waxing philosophically about the changes in life and how you never seem to have everything you need when exactly you need it.




2 responses

6 10 2010

I love your quote about “the crisis of adulthood in a nutshell”! And I completely agree on what you wrote about social relationships. They are so essential for all of us. …and what would life be like without the daily challenges?

6 10 2010

I’m glad you liked that. I’ve got to admit, I was proud of the line when I wrote it, but only because it summed up so perfectly what I was feeling at the time.

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