New month, new week, new routines

4 10 2010

It seems to happen about once a month since we relocated that our schedule gets completely uprooted and rewritten. We had, for example, during the first month here a few weeks of just getting adjusted, then my wife began her first job, then she quit that job (it was messy), then we were all at home, then school started… you get the picture. Now, today, my wife begins her new (and hopefully much better) job, I resume my duties as SAHD and would-be writer and trying to figure out what schedule will work best now.

One of the central difficulties on the fatherhood front is not only the ever-changing schedule of my seven year old, who has transitioned from after-school cross-country track practice to dance, but also her younger brother’s constantly changing interests and moods. In the past month, he’s become very proficient at tricycle riding and pushing small tractors around the grass outdoors, but the month before that, all he wanted to do was watch Batman movies off of Netflix, specifically the Adam West one, which is a little scary:

From there, over the course of about three weeks came a Wiggles obsession that bordered on being unhealthy and he’s since moved on to the Beatles, which is all kinds of awesome and makes him the coolest almost-three-year-old on the planet in my view. Now the weather’s changing and outdoors play will become more and more limited over the coming months.

So, planning a schedule is a bit like trying to hit a moving target and is a little frustrating. Not so much for him, because he’s such a happy kid and is mostly game for whatever we’re doing, but for me who clings to structure like nobody’s business. But, we’ll persevere somehow, I’m sure and it’ll just take a week or two to iron everything out, probably just in time for it all to change again.




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