At least I got up on time

21 08 2010
Cover of "The Wiggles: Wake Up, Jeff!"

Cover of The Wiggles: Wake Up, Jeff!

I have been getting much better about my discipline and sitting down at the right time and the right place. I’ve been getting up on time and yesterday wrote a flash fiction/short story piece that I’ll rework over the coming week.

Today, though, discipline broke down and my cloudy head just couldn’t get past websurfing and listening to podcasts. This isn’t tragic, but I think that if I’m just going to piddle around, I might as well not get up and use the time constructively catching up on my sleep. And I would, except that as I’ve noted before, I think establishing a routine and sticking to it is one of my personal keys to happiness. And I think I might’ve still salvaged it had not the little one come running down the hall needing an early Wiggles fix.

So, for that reason, I consider just getting out of bed an accomplishment. I’m “training” myself to get to where I need to be when I need to be there. If nothing else, I got that done. Oh, and I wrote this. And I updated my facebook status. I am a fiery bundle of productivity.