Kicking off on a Monday

19 07 2010

When we moved in here last Thursday, we were welcomed into a full house, with not only Holley’s parents, but her sister, her sister’s husband, their 2 year old and their 9 year old great dane, Zoe. Honestly, if anything drives the point home more that this was the right move for us, it was that. Being closer to family was always Holley’s goal and we got it there in spades.

Today, sister and husband and kid are heading back home to Atlanta, but it’s only 4 hours away and we’ll no doubt see them again in the next two or three weeks. After 10 years away in a place where we were only able to see family once or twice a year due to geography, wrapping your head around this is no small feat.

So, today means that first day where things will be relatively “normal.” Still not totally normal, but it lacks the party/family reunion atmosphere that marks every visit. Like a medieval carnival, the visit means a suspension of normal rules, where we eat and drink as much and as poorly as we like, we play games and visit and just generally forget that there are obligations.

My Plan for Monday

My Monday Plan in Google Calendar

Of course, I’ve been sort of on that kick since we went to the beach at the beginning of June, as I knew we’d be moving anyway and I don’t do so well right in the transition and it shows. Since the start of June, I’ve easily gained 7 pounds. I’ve been enjoying a healthy bit more beer than usual, allowing myself to eat complete crap without a thought to calories (often with the excuse of saying ‘goodbye’ to some of my favorite restaurants in State College and then saying ‘hello’ to things I had missed about Nashville, such as Krystal hamburgers, the most addictive burger there is).

Breakfast today will be a strict 2 eggs and a slice of toast, lunch just a sandwich, a snack like yogurt in the afternoon and then a reasonable dinner (control the portion). Water all day long and no beer. That’s the big plan.

We also have a number of things to get set up today: library card, checking account, registering in the new parish, getting signed up at the YMCA. The library card has been a pretty sticky thing for our daughter, who is doing an okay, but not great job of handling the move. It’s been stressful on her and she’s been a little rebellious. More on that later. For now, I kick off my planned-like-an-insane-person schedule:




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19 07 2010

It fills my heart with joy to see that a Library Card is so high on your list of priorities. =) I have them from all over the country…

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